Ron Johnson Continues to Spread Rumors and Lies About Insurrection

Feb 08, 2021


Contact: DPW Communications (press@wisdems.org)

(MADISON) — Even a month after the violent insurrection at the US Capitol was shown to be caused by lies and rumors spread by the former President, Senator Ron Johnson continues to spread false information and lies to the public. On Sunday morning, Johnson went onto Fox News and insinuated that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the insurrection. Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler issued this statement:

“Johnson continues to spread lies and rumors about the insurrection to the public, despite history telling us how dangerous this is. He is going on national television spouting outlandish claims and recycling pseudo science to appeal to his base rather than telling the truth to the public. Insinuating that Speaker Pelosi had anything to do with the violent insurrection that left five dead, including a police officer, is reckless and dangerous.

“Ron Johnson continues to show why he is unfit to continue serving our state. He helped create this disaster, and now it’s time he take accountability and step down.”

Watch the clip here