Republican Tax Giveaways Force UW Budget Cuts

Apr 19, 2016

MADISON – On the heels of Tax Day, we are reminded that Governor Scott Walker slashed $250 million from the University of Wisconsin’s budget in order pay for the millions in tax breaks he has given to special interests and greedy out of state corporations. Instead of prioritizing the needs of Wisconsin’s students and building on what was the gold standard of public higher education, Walker has gutted the UW system to pay for tax giveaways to the richest of the rich.
Scott Walker has slashed the UW system’s budget to ribbons while giving millions in tax breaks to his special interest and out of state corporate buddies,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Kory Kozloski said on Tuesday. “He is placing the unfair burden of $250 million in budget cuts on the backs of students who are only trying to better themselves with a higher education.”
While Democrats look for solutions to revitalize the UW system, Republican’s refuse to acknowledge the devastating impacts of their $250 million funding cuts from the UW system, going so far to cancel meetings that describe the consequences of these cuts. The summaries specify a mix of service reductions and job cuts due to bought out employees, not renewing contracts, lay offs, and closing vacant positions.
UW-Green BayUWM, and UW-Madison have all reported on the negative impacts Walker’s budget cuts are having on their ability to provide a quality education to their students.  This includes cuts to staff, reduced number of classes and services for students, and top professors are leaving the UW system because of a lack of tenure and resources.
“The UW system used to be the gold standard of public higher education. If Walker keeps paying for his campaign donors’ tax breaks with budget cuts to the UW system, our higher public education system is going to fall even further behind,” Kozloski said

This is exactly why we need Democrats in office, who unlike the Republicans, have plan a plan that prioritizes our children’s future by investing in public higher education. If we want to build a stronger Wisconsin, we must strengthen and improve the UW-system.