Rep. Sean Duffy's Support Of GOP Ticket Underscores His Own Anti-Women's Health Record

Jul 18, 2016

There were few happier than Sean Duffy when it was announced Governor Mike Pence, who has crusaded against proper health and reproductive care for women, would be the Republican Party’s nominee for Vice-President. Like Pence, Duffy’s record on supporting women’s health and reproductive rights is abysmal, and his extreme views have been detrimental for the well-being of women across Wisconsin and our country.

On top of voting to defund the ACA dozens of times, which would take away health care from millions of women, Duffy voted to defund Planned Parenthood and wants doctors to be criminally charged for failed abortions.

It’s not just Mike Pence that Duffy aligns so closely with when it comes to endangering women’s health; Duffy stands with Trumps dangerous, anti-women record as well. When Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump stated a woman should be punished for receiving an abortion, Duffy stood silent, with only his extreme record to do the talking.

“Sean Duffy has stood in complete opposition of quality and accessible health and reproductive care for women,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Monday. “Rep. Duffy constantly cries out about the evils of government until it has to do with women’s health care and their right to choose, then he thinks government can’t be big enough and should dictate a woman’s course of action. His extreme record is detrimental for women in Wisconsin and across this country.”