Rep. Sean Duffy Picks Party Over Wisconsin

Jul 18, 2016

Rep. Duffy Supports Trump Politics of Division and Discrimination  
As Rep. Sean Duffy touts his enthusiastic support of Donald Trump, Wisconsinites should be alarmed by his support for most extreme Republican ticket in recent memory.  

While Sec. Hillary Clinton has promoted an economic plan that benefits all Americans, not just those at the very top, Donald Trump’s politics of division has touted an income tax cut plan that would send more than one-third of tax break dollars to the top 1%. An estimated 3.5 million jobs would disappear during a Trump presidency due to his extreme and destructive economic policies.

“Thanks to the leadership of President Barack Obama, our country escaped the deepest recession since the Great Depression, adding 14 million new jobs in the last seven years,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Monday. “Rep. Sean Duffy is supporting Donald Trump whose dangerous ideas will reverse years of economic progress and drag our nation back to economic devastation. In Wisconsin, we know all too well what Republican leadership will do to our nation’s economy. Our state is 32nd in private sector job creation, 50th in entrepreneurial activity, and last year we had the most layoff notices in the last years.”