ICYMI: Former GOP Senate Leader Says Scott Walker, GOP "Dismantling" State Government

Dec 18, 2014

Scott Walker and legislative Republicans are dismantling state government, have eviscerated Wisconsin’s world-class university system and abandoned the state’s responsibilities to public schools, all while leading the state to a $2.2 billion budget deficit — and that’s according to own of their own. 

In a wide-ranging radio interview with The Devils Advocates, outgoing Republican state Sen. Dale Schultz voiced his concerns on everything from right-to-work legislation (he’s against it and thinks Walker is failing to lead by not promising a veto), to expanding unaccountable voucher schools (it will accelerate the demise of public schools, but helps Walker with Iowa caucus voters), and Walker’s run for president (it would be “kind of embarrassing running for president and simply not have the votes to win your own state.”) 
Schultz, a moderate Republican who voted against Walker on controversial, politically-motivated legislation like Act 10, voucher expansion, and mining deregulation, slammed the Republican majority for widening the partisan divide.
“It’s not just Democrats who think Scott Walker and Republicans in the legislature have gone off the rails with a hyper-partisan agenda that hurts the middle class and blows up our budget deficit — reasonable Republicans recognize that too,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Walker should take heed of Dale Schultz’s warning about the havoc his extremism would wreak on our state.”
The Capital Times provides a comprehensive write-up of Schultz’s radio interview; read it here.