Scott Walker to Campaign With Glenn Grothman at Oshkosh Fundraiser

Oct 02, 2014

With the governor’s race locked in a dead heat, and Scott Walker increasingly unpopular with women voters due to his opposition to pay equity protections and draconian restrictions on women’s healthcare, Walker is trying to win over women voters the only way he knows how – by hanging out with Glenn Grothman?
WisPolitics is reporting that Walker will headline a fundraiser for Grothman’s campaign for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional district tomorrow in Oshkosh. The event is hosted by Ben Ganther, a millionaire Republican donor who was sued by the City of Oshkosh in 2007 for $328,000 in unpaid taxes and who joined U.S. Senator Ron Johnson in erecting a 20-foot-tall Ayn Rand-inspired statue outside his company’s office as a protest to the Affordable Care Act. 

Host levels for the event are listed at $2600, $1000, $500, and $250; no information is available on whether women can pay at a reduced rate since “money is more important to men.”

Until recent years, Grothman was considering a fringe element, even in his own party, for his radical and extreme beliefs, such as so-called “personhood” legislation that would outlaw common forms of birth control and fertility treatments, plans to criminalize single-parenthood, or his“don’t ask, don’t tell” proposal for Wisconsin public schools. But in Scott Walker’s Republican Party, not only is Grothman off the sidelines, he’s a standard-bearer for the Walker-Grothman agenda.

Scott Walker and Glenn Grothman have shared beliefs on women’s rights to equal pay for equal work (don’t need it, money is more important for men), women’s rights to make their own healthcare choices (male politicians with no medical training or education know best), and the Republican War on Women (it’s actually a war on men and we’ve really got to do something to help the men – they only make a dollar to a woman’s 78 cents.)

“This event is billed as a fundraiser, but Scott Walker and Glenn Grothman together sounds more like a meeting of the He-Man Woman Haters Club,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff said Friday. “Or maybe they’re working on that ‘commission on how to help the men.’ Either way, Walker and Grothman are ideologically aligned on everything from gutting pay equity protections, to forced transvaginal ultrasounds and shuttering women’s healthcare clinics. Wisconsin women, and men, deserve better than Scott Walker and Glenn Grothman’s brand of extremism.”