Sean "Shutdown" Duffy's Selective Amnesia

Sep 23, 2014

Sean Duffy, one of the Tea Party architects of last year’s government shutdown, caught a case of selective amnesia in a new ad released yesterday. 
Duffy played a key role in ushering-in the shutdown last year, calling House Republican’s demand to defund Obamacare and deny birth control access to women a  “small ask” of Democrats. 

Despite vowing to not advocate for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act without a plan to replace it with a better alternative, Duffy took his position even further, joining extreme Republicans in shutting down the government in order to defund a health care program that has saved over $3.1 billion in prescription drug costs for seniors and people with disabilities, and helped over 9 million people receive crucial health care coverage. 

Wisconsin does want to work, but Sean Duffy’s futile government shutdown did nothing to bring jobs to his district. Instead, the fifteen day shutdown delayed 800,000 paychecks for federal workers and civilian contractors with the military. 

Since going to Washington, Duffy’s extreme brand of politics has left Wisconsinites in the cold. Duffy’s shutdown risked losing work-study checks for 10,000 Wisconsin students, put nutritional support at risk for pregnant women in the state as well, and delayed Social Security checks for Wisconsin’s seniors. 

“Duffy can’t hide from the fact he played a key role in shutting down crucial government services for people in his own district,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Wisconsinites haven’t forgotten about Sean Duffy’s eagerness to shut down the government  – even if he has. The hard-working people of the Seventh Congressional District deserve someone like Kelly Westlund, who will work just as hard to represent the people’s interests in Washington.”