Don't Call It A Comeback… Seriously, Don't.

Sep 17, 2014

As the state continues to hemorrhage jobs, Scott Walker is still selling the fairy-tale of a “Wisconsin Comeback”. Today, Wisconsin got its monthly reminder of the failed policies of Walker’s first term, as the most recent jobs numbers show the state lost 4,300 private sector jobs in August. 
From March 2011 to March 2014, Wisconsin ranks 35th in the nation in terms of job growth and remains dead last in the Midwest – 10th out of 10 Midwestern states. Over the entire year (January through August), Wisconsin has gained just 8,800 private sector jobs.

In a desperate attempt to spin the dismal jobs numbers, Walker’s administration willfully ignored the data from March 2011 to March 2014, boasting an awful 8th out of 10 Midwestern states ranking in the year ending in March 2014. Unfortunately for Wisconsin families, that is what it has come to for the Walker administration, which is desperately touting the poor ranking as evidence of a comeback. 

Lately, Walker has been more out of touch with reality than usual, his attempt to pass off the dismal jobs numbers as a comeback is nearly as pathetic as his attempt to pass off a mystery stadium as the legendary Lambeau Field.

Walker’s second term agenda, released this week, reinforces the governor’s disconnect with everyday Wisconsinites, as it calls for more the same failed polices from his first term. Just a few months ago, Wisconsin planned to enjoy a $1 billion dollar surplus, since then Walker has managed to dig Wisconsin’s budget into a $1.8 billion hole and completely failed at putting Wisconsinites back to work. 

Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the state’s largest paper which endorsed Walker twice for governor, yawned at the prospects of four more years of Gov. Walker’s failed policies.

“The only comeback that’s happened in Wisconsin recently was the Packers’ second-half rally to beat the Jets this weekend.” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on Thursday. “Our state lost jobs last month and has been lagging behind for quite sometime. I know it, Walker knows it, Wisconsin families know it, and in November we’ll see that the voters know it, too.”