WisDems Re-launch BurkevsWalker.com

Aug 12, 2014

With just 83 days to go until Election Day, Wisconsin Democrats are highlighting the choice for Wisconsin this November between Mary Burke’s plan to turn Wisconsin into a top ten, thriving economy and Scott Walker’s record of failure that has us ranked dead last – 10th out of 10 states – in the Midwest on private sector job growth.

Scott Walker wants to hide from his record, but the choice is clear on everything from jobs and fiscal management to healthcare and education – Walker has failed to deliver on his promises and Wisconsin is ready for a new direction with Mary Burke where commonsense solutions trump divisive politics as usual.

“While career politician Scott Walker is out with a phony new ad featuring stories we don’t even know are real, Wisconsin Democrats are laying the facts out on the table with the re-launch of our microsite at BurkevsWalker.com,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “We welcome the opportunity for voters all over the state to examine where both candidates stand on the issues that matter.”