Scott Walker Jobs Chief Defends Companies Who Used Taxpayer Funds to Outsource WI Jobs

Jul 16, 2014

On the same day that Scott Walker released a shameful and completely false ad attacking Mary Burke and her record of success at Trek, Walker’s top economic official was defending companies who used taxpayer funds to ship Wisconsin jobs overseas.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation CEO Reed Hall, a past board member at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and a Tea Party donor to Scott Walker, defended outsourcing saying, “We are in a global marketplace and some companies, to be successful financially, need to outsource.”

Both the Menomonee Falls-based Eaton Corporation and the Plexus Corporation in Neenah reportedly received millions in financial rewards from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to create jobs in Wisconsin, only to layoff workers whose jobs were outsourced to facilities in foreign countries.

Hall went on to say, “I’m sorry that they temporarily had to outsource some jobs, but I think ultimately over the long-term its gonna be a great win for Wisconsin with both these companies.”

Yesterday, the Racine Journal Times slammed the “astonishing” failure of WEDC to ensure that Wisconsin tax dollars are used to grow Wisconsin jobs, and called on WEDC to require participating companies to pay the state back if jobs leave the state.

“While Scott Walker is cravenly attacking a successful Wisconsin business he saw fit to promote less than a year ago, his flagship jobs agency is defending companies who took Wisconsin tax dollars and then shipped our jobs overseas,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Sounds like the Walker campaign and the Walker administration need to get on the same page with where they stand. Where’s R.J. Johnson when you need him?”

View Reed Hall’s comments here.