As Career Politician Scott Walker Attacks Successful Businesses, 300 More Jobs Leave Wisconsin

Jul 22, 2014

The Associated Press is reporting that Sealed Air will move all 300 Racine- area jobs to a new global headquarters in North Carolina. The new global headquarters for the Fortune 500 company will employ nearly 1,300 people at an average salary of $120,000 and the project is expected to cost $50 million.

A spokesperson for Sealed Air said the move would have a “sweeping impact” here in Wisconsin. 

So what was Scott Walker doing to try and land the corporate headquarters and keep the jobs here? Apparently not much.

According to the Associated Press, Wisconsin was not even in the final running. The company narrowed down their selection to either South Carolina or North Carolina.

So instead of trying to bring jobs to Wisconsin or even save the ones we already have, what has Walker been doing?

In the last three weeks, Scott Walker has launched shameful and dishonest political attacks on Trek, a successful Wisconsin business that employs nearly 1,000 in Wisconsin and on Abbot Labs, the largest employer in Kenosha County.

In response, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, State Senator John Lehman, released the following statement:

“No wonder successful businesses are hesitant about making major investments in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin – he’s proven time and again that we’re more ‘Open for Politics’ than ‘Open for Business.’

“This latest loss of Wisconsin jobs is yet another blow to a floundering economy that was one of only five states to lose jobs over each of the past two months and ranks dead last in the Midwest in job creation.

“This latest job loses will have a devastating effect on Racine County, already the highest unemployment area of the state.

“Scott Walker has taken his eye off the ball and working Wisconsin families will continue to bear the brunt of Scott Walker’s inattention to jobs and the economy. He’s been too busy trying to save his own job, to worry about other people’s jobs.

“Luckily, they will have the opportunity to elect a new governor in Mary Burke who understands how jobs are created and how to invest in economic initiatives that benefit Wisconsin workers and businesses, not just special interest campaign donors and companies that ship our jobs overseas.”