WisDems Release New Web Video: "Wisconsin Deserves Better"

Jun 23, 2014

On the heels of juggernaut revelations that shook Wisconsin and the nation last week, and temporarily distracted from the news that Wisconsin has fallen to dead last in the Midwest in job creation since Scott Walker took office, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin today released a new web video highlighting coverage of both Walker’s failure on jobs and the allegations by a Republican prosecutor that Walker was at the center of an “expansive” nationwide “criminal scheme.”

The new video, titled “Wisconsin Deserves Better,” focuses on the latest in Walker’s string of bad news, including reports on Wisconsin’s disappointing 37th in the nation ranking on job growth and new developments in the investigation into illegal campaign coordination between Scott Walker’s campaign and independent groups.

Just hours after the latest jobs numbers were released last Thursday, court documents that revealed allegations by a Republican prosecutor that Walker played a key role in what they call a “criminal scheme” were made public for the first time.

Prosecutors point to an email sent from Scott Walker to national Republican campaign strategist Karl Rove as a smoking gun to Walker’s involvement in criminal activity. In the email, Walker explains to Rove that his top campaign aide, R.J. Johnson, was leading the coordination effort to raise and spend money in the recall elections.

Scott Walker is the only Governor in state history to be under criminal investigation for the entirety of his first term in office.

An abysmal record on jobs that has Wisconsin ranked dead last in the Midwest and now a court record that speaks directly to the fact that Scott Walker was directly involved in criminal activity — Walker has failed Wisconsinites in more ways than one. Wisconsin deserves better.

Watch “Wisconsin Deserves Better” on Youtube here.