Paul Ryan's Anti-Working Families Budget

Apr 09, 2014

Today, the Tea Party controlled House of Representatives voted for more of Paul Ryan’s extremely austere budget proposals.

The American people have voted against Ryan’s same failed ideas time and time again. For good reason, the latest Ryan budget would end Medicare as we know it, raise taxes on middle class families with children by an average of at least $2000 while cutting taxes for households with incomes over $1 million, and repeal the Affordable Care Act – kicking millions of newly insured people off their healthcare plans.

The Ryan Budget slashes $5.1 trillion in federal spending over the next decade, with deep cuts to crucial social safety net programs Wisconsin families rely on.

“Reps. Tom Petri, Reid Ribble, and Sean Duffy’s support for the Ryan budget shows their contempt for the middle class,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “This budget only favors millionaires and billionaires, and any vote in favor is a vote against the hardworking families of Wisconsin.”