ICYMI: Judge gets it right: strikes down photo ID law

Apr 29, 2014

Just hours after a U.S. District court ruled Scott Walker’s photo ID law unconstitutional, the state’s largest newspaper opined that the Hon. Lynn Adelman “got it right”.

Adelman’s ruling yesterday found Walker’s law in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. The written decision highlighted the fact that defenders of the law failed to show a single shred of evidence that in-person voter fraud occurs in Wisconsin or will become a problem the future — while the plaintiffs showed overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board swiftly issued a response to the ruling, writing, “Act 23 was never really about voter fraud. It was always about raw politics”.

Scott Walker and his Republican Party disingenuously claim photo ID will preserve the integrity of elections. Yesterday’s ruling proves just the opposite, as it explicitly states photo ID will “prevent more legitimate votes from being cast than fraudulent votes.”

Walker has made it publicly known that he will call a special legislative session to push through photo ID in time to rig the November election in his favor. In its editorial, the Journal Sentinel opined simply: “a better approach would be to simply drop this charade.”

Scott Walker would be better suited paying attention to the real problem in our state — job creation. Wisconsin is second-to-last in the Midwest in terms of job growth. If Walker wants to bring lawmakers back to Madison, it should be to address the dozens of Democratic jobs bills left on the table by Republican leadership at the close of the legislative session.

Read the Journal Sentinel editorial here.

Read the decision and order of the court in its entirety here.