WisDems Statement on Scott Walker's Voter Suppression Legislation

Mar 26, 2014

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to the news that Scott Walker signed into law a Republican voter suppression bill:

“The Beloit Daily News got it right when they said, ‘Tampering with voting rights is shameful.’

“Despite nearly universal opposition from the Daily News and other editorial boards across the state, Scott Walker took the shameful step of signing into law a voter suppression bill designed to make it harder for seniors, students, veterans, and minorities to exercise their rights at the ballot box.

“That’s because, after seeing his approval rating fall in the latest public opinion poll, Scott Walker knows he can’t win on the strength of his ideas or on his failed economic agenda that dropped Wisconsin to 35th in the nation in job creation.

“But even in the face of the Republicans’ best effort to rig the next election to overcome the lack of enthusiasm for their failed agenda, Wisconsinites will reject Republicans up and down the ticket this November because they know Walker hasn’t created the jobs he promised.”