ICYMI: Scott Walker Solicited Campaign Funds From Corporate Elites at Lambeau Field During Packer's Playoff Game

Jan 08, 2014

Die-hard fans left Lambeau Field with long faces on Sunday after the Packers came up just short of advancing in the playoffs. Adding insult to injury, Wisconsinites are today learning that while they braved below zero temperatures to cheer the state’s beloved football team, Scott Walker spent the game entertaining in a luxury box at a fundraiser hosted by long-time campaign donors. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “No Quarter Blog” is reporting that the governor was busy raising campaign cash at a fundraiser hosted by long-time campaign donor and CEO of GMR Marketing, Gary Reynolds. Reynolds and his wife have contributed $52,000 to Walker’s campaign coffers in the past eight years. 

The news comes as Walker seems to grow more and more out of touch with regular Wisconsinites. While appearing on a cable news program this week the governor opposed raising the federal minimum wage level, despite estimates showing that the move would help 300,000 workers in the state currently earning a poverty wage. 

Thanks to Walker’s destructive Tea Party policies Wisconsin is currently 37th in the nation in private sector job growth and working class families doubt if the governor is working for them. Recent public polling shows that 70 percent of Wisconsinites say that their personal financial situation has stayed the same or gotten worse since Scott Walker took office.

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