Here’s What Scott Walker Has in His “Brown Bag” for Northeast Wisconsin

Jan 12, 2014

Following the news that Scott Walker spent the Packers playoff game fundraising in a luxury box hosted by wealthy donors, it’s no surprise that Walker added a “brown bag” lunch event in Green Bay.

But here’s the truth about what Walker’s policies have meant for families in Northeast Wisconsin:

  • Wisconsin ranks 37th in the nation in job growth over the past year, according to the latest, most accurate federal jobs numbers available that show that Wisconsin created only 23,963 new jobs over the past year — the worst numbers for a one-year period in the state over the past three years and fewer than half the number of jobs that were added in Minnesota over the same period.
  • Scott Walker is plotting a tax proposal that would eliminate the state income tax – even for the state’s top earners – in favor of a massive hike in the state sales tax on everything from groceries to school supplies to twelve percent or higher, a nearly 200 percent increase that would give Wisconsin the highest state income tax in the nation by far.
  • Scott Walker manufactured a healthcare crisis in the state by rejecting a common-sense solution that would provide greater healthcare access for Wisconsin citizens at a lower cost to the state. Federal funding is still available to allow the state to cover 85,000 more people, create an estimated 10,000 jobs and save the state $86 million in this biennium alone by expanding Wisconsin’s successful BadgerCare program. In Brown County alone, as much as $94.6 million could be available to fund healthcare for thousands of people in need.

“He can try to “brown bag” it today, but Scott Walker already showed working families in the Fox Valley where his real loyalties lie – in luxury suites with wealthy campaign donors,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “The only thing for working families in Walker’s “brown bag” is a huge sales tax increase.”