Scott Walker Offers Another Tax Hike On Working Class Families

Dec 18, 2013

Scott Walker’s latest headline grabbing attempt to boost his national profile may make for good Tea Party politics – but would raise income taxes at the expense of hard-working Wisconsin families to pay for another handout to his wealthy campaign contributors.

Walker made news this week indicating once again his openness to raising sales taxes across the board to pay for eliminating the state income tax, which would disproportionately affect the very wealthy.  

Walker is not the only Tea Party governor to consider a radical scheme to replace his state’s income tax with raising taxes on working families on everything from food to school supplies. At the urging of extreme right-wing groups like Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, ALEC, and Americans for Prosperity, Republican governors in states like Louisiana and North Carolina have called for the elimination of their state income tax.

A review of North Carolina’a proposals makes clear that Walker’s plan would require — a massive tax increase on goods and services, including medical and dental services, across the board, with low and middle-income families bearing the brunt of the pain. Among North Carolina Republicans’ proposals include an increase in the state sales tax, an eight percent tax on groceries, a five-fold increase on the tax on all commercial and residential real estate sales, and a new “license fee” levied on all businesses generating $4 billion.

Walker’s proposal would be yet another tax hike on working families to pay for big giveaways to the super wealthy and corporations.  His first budget contained tax increases on working class families totaling $69.8 million over a two year period, while shoveling over almost twice that amount into the pockets of his corporate friends via tax breaks. 

“What does Scott Walker have to offer working class families in Wisconsin? We’re 37th in job growth and lead the nation in jobless claims. Now he wants to add insult to injury and raise taxes on working families by eliminating the state income tax,” Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate said on Thursday. “I don’t think families struggling to make it in the Walker economy want to see their property taxes go even higher, or see sales taxes make it impossible to keep food on the table. But this governor isn’t working for Wisconsin families, he’s obviously too focused on political payback and rewarding his corporate friends.”    

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