ICYMI: Gov. Scott Walker’s Women Problem

Nov 11, 2013

Scott Walker’s silence on recent state and national legislation to curtail women’s reproductive rights only helps exacerbate the problem he and Republicans have with women voters in 2014.

That’s according to an editorial from The Capital Times, which opines that “Republicans are drunk with dictatorial power in Wisconsin and that their extremism is unprecedented.”

Walker, who plans to campaign with 20-week abortion ban bill author Senator Lindsey Graham next week in New York, has his very own extreme anti-woman record that includes out-of-touch positions on contraception, forced transvaginal ultrasounds, and access to safe, legal abortions.

Despite polling showing nationally, and here in Wisconsin, Republicans have a problem with women voters; Republicans have kept a laser-like focus on bringing forth radical legislation to curb the rights of women to make personal healthcare decisions.

Here in Wisconsin, Scott Walker Republicans are considering debating a series of anti-choice bills that would limit women’s access to contraception and undermine the ability of women and their doctors to make personal medical decisions regarding safe, legal abortions.

“Scott Walker can try to avoid this issue all day, but he can’t escape his own horrible record on women’s issues. After becoming Governor he quickly repealed equal-pay protections for women and cut funding for women seeking cancer screenings, birth control and health exams. Now, Scott Walker thinks he can lie low while his Tea Party pals bring up extreme and divisive legislation to restrict women’s rights,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff said Tuesday. “Women voters in this state won’t be fooled. In 2014, we’ll remember Scott Walker’s war on Wisconsin women.”