EXCLUSIVE: WisDems Obtain Copy of Scott Walker’s New Campaign Slogan

Oct 15, 2013

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has obtained an exclusive copy of a bumper sticker featuring a new Scott Walker campaign slogan.  

Walker Campaign Slogan

The new slogan comes as Scott Walker faces continued controversy over his decision to skirt state pay rules in steering double-digit raises to his political supporters, all while denying accountability for the hefty salary increases.

That’s according to Wisconsin Public Radio, which reports that Scott Walker is declining responsibility for the apparent political payback saying, “they’re certainly not decisions I made.”

A recent report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel highlighted how the Walker administration transferred his supporters into fake jobs before putting them back into their old jobs with a hefty raise. The raises, financed with taxpayer money, include a $14,416 pay increase for the economist who cooked the jobs numbers for Scott Walker in the days preceding last year’s recall election.

“Whether it’s news that Wisconsin ranks 45th in the nation in job growth prospects, criminal activity carried out for his benefit or a reward system for his political cronies, nothing is ever Scott Walker’s fault,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “So it’s only fitting that Scott Walker campaign for office on his complete refusal of accountability for his actions.”