On The Road, Again: Scott Walker Campaigns for President in Indiana

Jul 09, 2013

Fresh off his shady weekend signing of a bill that strips women’s rights, Scott Walker yesterday continued his summer of presidential campaigning with a stop in Indiana.

While touting Walker as their guest, Indiana state Republican Chairman Eric Holcomb spoke of Scott Walker’s success in Wisconsin saying it “provides a blueprint for how the Republican Party can grow and expand nationally.”

According to the Northwest Indiana Times, Walker returned the love, praising Hoosier State Republicans for “blazing a trail of conservative policies that he’s followed and implemented in the Badger State.

Scott Walker and Indiana Republicans have largely marched in lockstep running through a checklist of Tea Party priorities, including attacks on workers’ rights, expansion of unaccountable voucher schools, rejection of billions of dollars in federal funds to expand Medicaid, and, most recently, an extreme attack on the ability of women and their doctors to make personal medical decisions.

“Presidential candidate Scott Walker may have adoring fans at Indiana Republican fundraisers, but back here in Wisconsin, and across the nation, people are recognizing Walker’s “blueprint” for what it is – an extreme double-down on the same failed policies and divisive rhetoric that led to huge losses for Republicans nationally and in statewide elections in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “If Scott Walker’s failed record on jobs, education, healthcare and women’s rights is a blueprint for anything, it’s a blueprint for how to make more people vote for Democrats.”