ICYMI: Scott Walker Visits Wisconsin

Jun 04, 2013

After a month of out-of-state travel, with more trips to come, Scott Walker is gamely trying to convince Wisconsinites that he’s spent more time doing his job in Wisconsin than on campaigning for president by releasing a video highlighting his in-state visits.

Yesterday’s video comes as the latest economic figures released last Friday by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia show Wisconsin ranked 49th in the country in economic growth over the next six months. 

As Scott Walker has traveled the country campaigning, Wisconsin’s jobs prospects have worsened. Last month’s federal jobs numbers show that Wisconsin lost 24,100 jobs in April – the most of any state in the Midwest and Wisconsin’s largest single-month loss since the height of the national recession in 2009. And the most current and accurate quarterly federal jobs data available shows Wisconsin ranked 44th in the nation in job growth, 50th in short-term job growth and 45th in wage growth.

Today, Scott Walker is visiting Eau Claire for a Chamber of Commerce Economic Outlook Event. Last month, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranked Wisconsin’s short-term job growth dead last in the nation.

“In completely typical fashion, Scott Walker is using taxpayer resources to raise his political profile and try to convince Wisconsinites he’s doing his job, instead of actually doing his job,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “With Wisconsin ranked 44th in the nation in jobs, down from 11th when Walker took office, he should be spending every moment trying to fix the messes he’s made. Instead, he’s busy campaigning for president in places like Iowa. But hey, maybe Scott Walker thinks that Iowa is close enough to Wisconsin to count.”

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