Struggling” Sean Duffy Raffles Off Meals On Wheels He Cut For Wisconsin Seniors

May 28, 2013

“Struggling” Sean Duffy and Barron County Republicans will today hold a raffle to benefit programs for seniors after Duffy voted with Congressional Republicans for a series of automatic, indiscriminate spending cuts that directly slashed vital services for seniors, children and veterans. 

The Republican raffle aims to raise $10,000 to split between the Rice Lake Senior Center and the Center on Aging, which administers the city’s Meals on Wheels program.

Duffy and Congressional Republicans voted in March to allow automatic, across-the-board spending cuts rather than compromise on a balanced deficit reduction plan that protects the middle-class and asks the wealthy to pay their fair share.

In Wisconsin, the cuts include a $653,000 reduction in funding that provides meals for seniors.

 “Sean Duffy won’t ask large corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share, but he’s more than comfortable asking the people of North and Central Wisconsin to pay more to protect programs that serve seniors, children and our men and women in the military,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “I’d ask if “Struggling” Sean was buying a raffle ticket, but, after flying in sushi for his family, he probably can’t afford the $20 ticket on his paltry $174,000 salary.”