Six Questions For Scott Walker at Board Meeting of His Flagship Agency

May 23, 2013

When the board of Scott Walker’s flagship jobs agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, meets this afternoon, here are six questions Scott Walker must answer about his scandal-plagued agency, and its role in Wisconsin’s 44th-in-the-nation jobs ranking.

  1. Following the scathing audit from the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau that showed that WEDC lost track of millions of dollars in taxpayer loans and improperly spent taxpayer money on things like alcoholic beverages, Badgers tickets and iTunes gift cards, what specific policies have been implemented at WEDC to prevent further misuse of taxpayer funds, and who are the people responsible for following through on said policies?
  2. You claim credit for Wisconsin’s modest job gains since you took office, despite the fact that Wisconsin ranks 44th in the nation in job creation, dead last in short term job growth, and our economic recovery is badly outpaced by that of our neighbors in the Midwest. Why then do you bear no responsibility for the failures at your flagship jobs agency?
  3. What steps are currently in place to track a single verifiable job that has been created by WEDC?
  4. Given the admitted violations of law and lack of any basic accountability measures at your flagship agency, why did you find it appropriate to award bonuses to WEDC employees?
  5. Do you agree with the Joint Finance Committee’s decision to allocate millions of dollars in new taxpayer funds to WEDC for a national marketing campaign, despite a proposal from Democrats to transfer those funds directly into jobs training programs? Is it just a coincidence that the national marketing campaign will coincide with your presidential campaign?
  6. What role does your extensive out-of-state travel play in Wisconsin’s dismal job performance and the lack of oversight and accountability at your flagship agency? In retrospect, given your inattention to Wisconsin as you campaign for president, do you believe it was a wise choice to leave in charge of job creation at your flagship agency an unqualified political associate with zero private sector experience?