If It's Thursday in Scott Walker's Wisconsin, It Must Mean More Bad Jobs Numbers

Apr 17, 2013

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to new federal jobs numbers released Thursday which showed that Wisconsin lost 8,500 jobs in March under Scott Walker.

“If it’s Thursday in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, it must mean more bad jobs numbers. Week after week, month after month, we are seeing the ill effects of Walker’s decision to cut job-creating investments in education, health care, infrastructure, vocational training and technology.

“The rest of the nation is enjoying the fruits of a fragile recovery. Meanwhile, as he runs for president, Scott Walker is enjoying junkets to primary states. But Wisconsin’s middle class? It is suffering a loss of jobs, falling wages and standards diminished at every turn as Walker runs down a right-wing check list of bad policy.

“Today’s jobs numbers show once more that Scott Walker’s policies aren’t working and his proposed budget shows that he’s not about to change from the path that has led us here.”