UFF-DA! Scott Walker Jobs Failure Now Butt of Minnesota Jokes as Wisconsin "Brings Up the Rear"

Feb 06, 2013

With Wisconsin ranking 42nd in the nation in job growth behind all of our neighbors, Scott Walker’s complete jobs failure is now the butt of jokes from Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton.

Scott Walker has taken to petty social media attacks on neighboring states like Minnesota — whose job growth and economic recovery has greatly outpaced Wisconsin’s — with his now-laughable tagline “Wisconsin is Open for Business.”

But Dayton in his State of the State address last night took a shot back at Walker and his useless sloganeering, noting that as Minnesota ranked 12th best among all 50 states in job growth, Walker’s Wisconsin “which by the way is “open for business,” helped bring up the rear at 42nd.”

“It’s embarrassing enough that Wisconsin led the nation in job loss for the first time ever under Scott Walker and now sits at 42nd in job growth among the 50 states,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Now we’re rightly the butt of jokes from Minnesota. At this rate, Scott Walker’s jobs failure will make us the laughingstock of the entire nation.”