ICYMI: What Sequester? "Struggling" Sean Duffy is on "Vacation!"

Feb 27, 2013

When Republicans last week took a recess in the face of the draconian cuts mandated by the “sequester,” which would cost Wisconsin 35,000 jobs, they were told by their leadership to be somber about it.

Now, with just one day until the sequester hits, the blog Uppity Wisconsin reports that Sean Duffy (R-Wall Street), who says he struggles on his $174,000 per year Congressional salary, did not get the memo.

Duffy described the unconscionable recess as a “vacation,” before congratulating himself for meeting with constituents.

Watch the vacation talk here.

“It may be funny to Sean Duffy that seniors in his district will lose their meals, children will miss immunizations and thousands may be put off work, but while he’s on “vacation,” his plan to protect billionaires and millionaires is about to have “Real World” consequences,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday.