ICYMI: Two Years Later, Scott Walker Economy "Shattered," Nearing Mississippi in Failure

Feb 11, 2013

Two years after “dropping the bomb” on not just public employees but on state investments in infrastructure and education, Scott Walker’s economy is “shattered” and nearing Mississippi in failure.

That’s the conclusion of P.R. Watch, which writes that, “Now that Walker has had more than two years to implement these policies, how is Wisconsin doing? Not well.”

From the failures of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, which has lost track of millions in taxpayer dollars, to a jobs program that focuses more on public relations, Wisconsin now ranks 42nd in job creation, behind Alabama and just a few spots ahead of Mississippi at 48th.

“Scott Walker described what he did to Wisconsin as “dropping the bomb,” and it certainly looks that way when we have to look UP at Alabama, where Wisconsin wages are shrinking, a skills gap is widening and our debt is growing,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Scott Walker’s response? It hasn’t been to get to work and fix what he broke — but to make up new numbers and embark on a public relations campaign funded with taxpayer dollars. The record shows plainly: It’s NOT working.”

Read the P.R. Watch story here.