WisDems Black Caucus Calls on Scott Walker to Denounce Glenn Grothman Kwanzaa Comments

Jan 01, 2013

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Black Caucus on Wednesday called on Governor Scott Walker to denounce the outrageous comments about the Kwanzaa holiday celebration made by his key ally and top Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman.

Grothman, who made headlines when he attacked the legitimacy of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, sent out a bizarre press release Dec. 28th making outrageous claims about Kwanzaa’s meaning, its history — as well as demeaning and patronizing statements about African-Americans.

On Wednesday, Grothman doubled down on his outrage, refusing to apologize when questioned about his outburst.

Stephanie Findley, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Black Caucus, called on Scott Walker to denounce Grothman’s conduct immediately.

“As head of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Scott Walker should say whether or not he associates himself with and approves of the disgusting comments made by a chief ally such as Sen. Glenn Grothman.

“Grothman, who has minimized the honor due Martin Luther King Jr., says he knows what’s best for black people and he directly attacks basic principles of religious liberty in his ill-advised screed. He took a time to celebrate peace and goodwill toward all and warped it into a narrow political appeal to bigots.

“Does Glenn Grothman, in his attacks on African-Americans and religious liberty, speak for Scott Walker’s Republican Party? If not, Walker must say so now.”