Wisconsin is Open for Deception: Scott Walker's Jobs Failure

Jan 10, 2013

Following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to Scott Walker’s deceptive address Thursday to a business group, in which Walker deflected all blame for his failure to reach his 250,000 jobs promise.

Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin may not be open for business, but it certainly looks open for deception.

“With a combination of disinvestment in technology and infrastructure, unconscionable giveaways to special interests and Tea Party extremism, Scott Walker has turned Wisconsin into a jobless economy.

“Yesterday, he had the gall to decry “bumper sticker” jobs plans, when his jobs “plan” has been just that — a combination of deceptive slogans, half-hearted cheerleading and inept management.

“If Scott Walker wants a bumper sticker, how about, “We’re 42nd!”

“Walker is blaming everyone but himself for the fact that not only is Wisconsin not going to create the 250,000 jobs that he promised, but that the rest of our Big Ten neighbors are succeeding where he has failed.

“The centerpiece agency of his jobs “plan” has been the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, which is mired in scandal and run by a political hack. His centerpiece mining legislation, even taken at his wildest promises, won’t get near his 250,000 jobs promise. And now Walker has taken to blaming “Washington” for not doing the job he himself committed to do.

“It is high past time Scott Walker stop slinging slogans and actually focus on creating jobs that can sustain Wisconsin’s working families. By every measure, he has failed at that task.