ICYMI: PATTERN: New Bid-Rigging Concerns Involving Ethically-Troubled Scott Walker

Dec 09, 2012

Ethically-troubled Scott Walker once again is the subject of bid-rigging concerns, with news that $1 million in taxpayer dollars were directed to a firm just weeks after its director gave $25,000 in campaign cash to Walker.
The news was reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which also reported that the Walker donor was also the source of voter suppression billboards that targeted inner-city Milwaukee neighborhoods.
After several weeks of damaging revelations about Walker’s own central role in an ongoing criminal corruption probe, the latest news adds to the list of bid-rigging concerns and pay-to-play type allegations involving Walker.
For instance, a bid-rigging scheme involving Walker’s since-vanished campaign treasurer John Hiller surfaced in the Journal Sentinel’s reporting about the John Doe corruption probe.
And the ongoing scandals at Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation include allegations that officials ignored procurement rules in a bid-rigging scheme.
Read more about the latest Scott Walker bid-rigging concerns here.

“From the crimes contained in the John Doe corruption probe to the disturbing news that $1 million in taxpayer dollars were doled out just weeks after Scott Walker pocketed $25,000 in campaign cash, the people of Wisconsin have been treated to an ethical laxity with this governor that has never before been seen.
“Criminal convictions, criminal defense funds, shady transactions and allegations of bid-rigging have become a commonplace-as have Scott Walker’s self-serving justifications,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday.
“It is telling that Scott Walker’s main spokesman can no longer be called upon to answer questions about bid-rigging or corruption in the Walker administration because he himself has been granted immunity in an ongoing criminal probe.”