Wisconsin Republicans: Off-The-Rails

Nov 13, 2012

Rep. Robin Vos is rapidly coming to understand the meaning of the phrase “be careful what you wish for.” He’s been in charge of the Assembly Republicans for barely 24 hours, and he’s already lost control of an un-hinged and out-of-touch caucus. The issue of the day for his members? Arresting the President. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that eight Assembly Republicans have gone on record as supporting legislation proposed by the radical Tea Party group Campaign For Liberty. Among other extreme positions, Campaign For Liberty supports allowing states to ignore federal laws with which they disagree and permitting police to arrest federal officials who take steps to implement the Affordable Care Act. 

With Wisconsin facing a federal deadline this Friday on how to implement the health care exchanges required under the Affordable Care Act, Scott Walker and his Republican Party are scrambling to choose a course of action to bring Wisconsin into compliance with federal law after two years of inaction and avoidance.

Robin Vos’ caucus would sooner arrest the President before complying with the law of the land, despite that fact that the health exchange concept was based largely on existing law and practices in Wisconsin, inspired by a protocol set up under the previous administration and which was credited with lowering the number of uninsured in Wisconsin.

“With President Obama’s decisive victory, the Tea Party’s radical agenda was soundly rejected at the polls last week, but through a rotten and illegal redistricting plot, Wisconsin Republicans were able to keep a tight grasp on the Wisconsin statehouse,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Robin Vos’ out-of-control caucus clearly feels emboldened by their stolen victory and wants to continue last session’s attack on Wisconsin workers, families, women, seniors and children. Now, too, they would expand their bizarre agenda to include arresting federal officials for carrying out the law of the land. Everyone who thought 2011 was bad for Wisconsin should get ready – because it looks like 2013 could be even worse.”