Oct 30, 2012

State Lawmakers Lead Roundtable Discussion of Reasons Why Tammy Baldwin is the Clear Choice for Wisconsin Women and Families

In an event in Madison this afternoon, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin rolled out a Woman-to-Woman Education Campaign for the final week of the campaign highlighting all the reasons Tommy Thompson is wrong for Wisconsin women.

The campaign features women’s healthcare roundtable discussions (there was a similar event in Milwaukee this morning); a new web video, “Tommy Thompson, Wrong for Wisconsin Women;” as well as a fact sheet on Thompson’s record and stand on the issues that threaten women’s health, middle class economic security, affordable healthcare for families, and our children’s future.

Speaking in Madison, Rep. Chris Taylor said, “We were all shocked to hear that (Thompson) wants to do away with Medicaid and Medicare. So many people in our lives — whether it’s our parents who are getting older or our children or our families — they all need access to these incredible programs. He also vowed to repeal Obamacare. Who will be very much helped by Obamacare? Women. For the first time, we have federal legislation that tells these insurance companies that they are not going to charge women more for their health care just because they’re women. Tommy Thompson is more interested in helping these insurance companies than helping us.”

Rep. Kelda Helen Roys spoke on the reasons Thompson’s economic plans are wrong for Wisconsin women and said, “Tommy Thompson doesn’t understand what economic security means to women — he called the issue of equal pay for women ‘a distraction.’ Tommy Thompson went to Washington and sold out the highest bidder. It’s very clear who Tommy Thompson is going to be representing if he gets to Washington — it’s not going to be women and it’s not going to be families.”

Victoria Boucher, a young Madison resident, touched on health care access and said, “Obamacare, as supported by Tammy Baldwin, doesn’t allow for me to be denied (insurance) coverage because of a pre-existing condition, which previously were being the victim of domestic violence or being pregnant. Tommy Thompson is out-of-touch and should be on board with Obamacare but is not.”

View the video here; download the fact sheet on Tommy’s record and stance on the issues here.