Tea Party Congressman Reid Ribble Refuses to Return Sleazy Payoff from Energy Corporation

Oct 30, 2012

Having pocketed $4,000 from a political action committee representing a Kewaunee energy plant that recently announced its closing — and a devastating loss of jobs for the 8th Congressional District — Tea Party Congressman Reid Ribble refused in a televised debate last night to donate that sleazy payoff to a food pantry.

Ribble, who has sat idly by as Dominion Resources shuts down its Kewaunee plant, said simply, “No,” when asked to return the contribution.

Watch the exchange here.

“The donation that Reid Ribble took from Dominion Resources is a sleazy payoff, plain and simple. The livelihoods of hundreds, if not thousands, of people in his Congressional District is at stake and yet Ribble is content to sit on his hands and let his corporate friends have their way. The callous disregard for his own constituents, and the cavalier attitude he has toward the suffering that is in store for them, shows just how little he cares about working families — and how obedient he is to his corporate masters,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.

“Reid Ribble should return this sleazy payoff.”