Disgraced Legislator Still Touted on Official WisGOP Website

Oct 15, 2012

Rally for Roger Rivard Over the Weekend

Evidence is mounting that Wisconsin Republicans are continuing their support for an Assemblyman who said that, “some girls, they rape so easy,” despite their public denunciation of his comments.

More than four days after his comments that “some girls, they rape so easy” became a national embarrassment, Roger Rivard was still being touted on the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee Website. (Image below).

Over the weekend, the Washburn County Republican Party rallied for Rivard. (See the video.)

And not a single Republican leader in Wisconsin-from Tommy Thompson to Scott Walker to Paul Ryan-have asked Rivard to suspend his campaign.

“Wisconsin Republicans are merely paying lip service to women and the victims of rape when they publicly condemn these outrageous comments, but then continue to support Rivard’s campaign for re-election to the Assembly,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Just as in the case of Todd Akin, who made the mistake of telling the truth about how he feels about women, Wisconsin Republicans do not have the courage to do the right thing-and withdraw their support for Rivard as someone who has violated Wisconsin’s values, both in word and in deed. Perhaps this is because his comments are in keeping with the Republican Assembly Caucus’ unprecedented anti-woman agenda this past legislative session.”