Romney-Ryan Campaign a “Rolling Calamity"

Sep 21, 2012

MEMO TO INTERESTED PARTIES: Romney-Ryan Campaign a “Rolling Calamity”

TO:      Interested Parties
FROM:  Mike Tate, Chair, Democratic Party Of Wisconsin
DATE:   Sept. 22, 1012
RE:       Romney-Ryan Campaign a “Rolling Calamity”

Just this week the Romney-Ryan campaign was called a “rolling calamity,” wrote off 47% of Americans saying they saw themselves as “victims,” and was booed by the crowd at the AARP convention. And if that wasn’t bad enough fellow Republicans in Wisconsin realize this is a mess that is getting harder and harder to clean up and as they joined a growing list of critics.

Governor Walker, who had previously criticized Romney for mistaking his victory as an attack on teachers and first responders, was the latest to bash the Romney-Ryan campaign saying he hadn’t seen a strong argument from the Romney-Ryan campaign. In Texas this week, Governor Walker made clear he isn’t happy about how the Paul Ryan pick has been handled and he – along with most Americans – thinks Mitt Romney needs to actually put forward a plan if he expects to be elected President.

Adding to barrage of GOP candidates piling on with criticism this week, Senate Candidate Tommy Thompson pointed his finger at Romney and Ryan for pulling down his own polling numbers, forcing their campaign to do rapid response from attacks by one of its own party members.

The conundrum facing Republicans is that while they are asking for more specifics from the Romney and Ryan, the campaign has made clear that discussing the specifics of their plans would be “suicidal” for their prospects of victory.  So it’s clear the Romney-Ryan campaign knows their plans that cut taxes for the wealthiest at the expense of the middle class, turn Medicare into a voucher program, and limit women’s choices about their own healthcare aren’t gaining popularity with any party in the Badger state.

Thanks to a video leaked this week we learned about some of the specifics Mitt Romney has been hiding.  While we knew from independent economists that his plan would hurt economic growth in America, we learned that Mitt Romney is willing to write off 47% of Americans and thinks that they see themselves “victims”.

Romney is failing the character test and ignoring the facts about the Americans he’s writing off. Most are seniors, working families, students, or people with disabilities. Many pay a significant amount of their income in taxes – either federal payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, or other state and local taxes – and they often pay even a higher share of their income in these taxes than wealthier families. More than 60 percent are workers who actually pay federal payroll taxes, like military families, police, firefighters, or teachers. Last year these families included nearly 20 million seniors. That’s more than half of all seniors in America.

President Obama has always stood up for all Americans – whether they support him in an election or not. He’s laying the foundation for an economy built to last that benefits all Americans and believes America prospers when we’re all in it together.

Governor Scott Walker and Senate candidate and former Governor Tommy Thompson are pointing fingers and backing away for good reason – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are trying to hide the ball on their plans that would send America back to the economic plans that created the economic crisis in the first place and strip away security for the middle class and they don’t want to be anywhere close to these disastrous ideas or campaign strategies. We have seen these ideas before they didn’t work then and they won’t work now.

Business Insider Headline: “Scott Walker: Mitt Romney Got The ‘Message Of Wisconsin’ Totally Wrong.”  (Business Insider, 6/10/12)