Reid Ribble is Running Away from His Radical Record

Sep 20, 2012

Reid Ribble continues to run away from his radical record.

Ribble is fleeing Wisconsin and his flagging campaign for a Tea Party event in Illinois, even as he refuses to explain his cuts to veterans and Medicare.

He would also cut and voucherize Medicare and turn it into an unsustainable program that would leave future generations with lower-quality care and no safety net.

In recent days, Ribble, an architect of the Romney-Ryan budget, which would cut $11 billion to the Veterans Administration, has denied his support for the cuts, for which he voted twice.

Ribble also wants to eliminate Social Security, a program that helps millions of Americans to keep food on the table, calling it a “Ponzi scheme.”

“If I was Reid Ribble, I’d run away from my radical budget, too, but the veterans, seniors and working families of the 8th District deserve better,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Friday. “From eliminating Social Security to cutting and voucherizing Medicare to slashing funds that help our veterans, Reid Ribble is wrong for our families and wrong for the 8th District.”