Karl Rove Responds to Tommy Thompson Poll Tailspin with One-Million-Dollar Ad Buy

Sep 16, 2012

Rove Comes to Rescue Fellow Bushie

Two polls released today showed Tommy Thompson trailing Tammy Baldwin and now Karl Rove’s out-of-state group, Crossroads GPS, is launching an effort to rescue Tommy Thompson, with a one-million-dollar ad buy in Wisconsin starting tomorrow.

“Karl Rove’s one-million-dollar ad buy proves the point made in two polls released today  Tommy Thompson is in trouble,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

Today, Public Policy Polling released a poll that showed, “Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin has surged to a 3 point lead over Republican candidate Tommy Thompson among likely voters in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Tommy Thompson’s favorability numbers have plummeted. Among likely voters, 53% have an unfavorable view of the former Republican Governor  including 54% of Independents and even 29% of Republicans.”

In addition, Politico reported this morning, “Democrat Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has taken the lead over Republican Tommy Thompson, 50-45 with five percent undecided, in a poll conducted for her campaign by the Feldman Group last week. The Baldwin campaign says they’re leading 47-29 on who will most stand up for the middle class and 43-26 on who will best protect Medicare.” [2]

“It should come as no surprise that Karl Rove and the corporate special interests in Washington, D.C. that fund his TV ads would come to the rescue of Tommy Thompson. They want him to do what he did in the Bush administration: cut sweetheart deals for special interests like the drug companies and insurance companies. They want Tommy Thompson in the Senate because they know he will work for them, just as he has done as a Washington, D.C. insider for the past seven years,” Tate said.

Baldwin’s lead in the two polls comes despite the fact that Rove’s group has previously spent $497,805 attacking Baldwin in the general election. In addition, the Koch-backed group, Americans for Prosperity, has spent $513,808; and a group funded by drug and insurance companies, 60 Plus, has spent $520,800.

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