CAUGHT ON TAPE: Reid Ribble Denies Cuts Harming Veterans: Record Says Otherwise

Sep 18, 2012

In an interview with WBAY, Tea Party Congressman Reid Ribble denied cuts to veterans benefits, even though his vote for the Paul Ryan budget would mean billions of cuts to America’s heroes.

According to VoteVets.org, the Ryan-Ribble budget’s across-the-board freezes and cuts mean an $11 billion cut to the Veterans Administration and other benefits to veterans.
In the WBAY report (transcript below), Ribble provided not one shred of evidence that he has or would move to protect veterans spending.

“Reid Ribble’s harmful cuts to veterans may have made his Tea Party happy, but now that he’s been called to account, he’s NOT TELLING THE TRUTH about just what his votes mean,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Ribble should ‘fess up and explain why he voted so Wisconsin’s veterans will do with less so that special interests and big oil companies get more in tax breaks.”

Veteran Tim Cole of Abrams said, “The government must keep its promise to the servicemen and women who fought for our country. Congress must protect programs for all veterans.”

Watch the interview here.


Host: Veterans could play a key role in the race for 8th Congressional District. Both incumbent Republican Congressman Reid Ribble and his Democratic Challenger Jamie Wall held veteran focused events today. In “Your Voice, Your Vote” coverage, Jennifer Wilson shows us what each candidate would do to help veterans if elected in November.


Reporter: Flanked by Veterans and their family members in Green Bay, district candidate Jamie Wall shared memories of his father returning from the Korean War.

Wall: Later in life, he was active in the American Legion and the VFW both.

Reporter: Then Wall launched an attack.


Wall: The Budget that Congressman Ribble has put together sadly turns its back on Veterans funding. It takes eleven billion dollars in veterans funding and cuts it.

Reporter: This morning Republican Congressman Reid Ribble hosted a PTSD symposium in Appleton. The goal of which was to better understand veterans needs and connect them with available services. During a break from this mornings symposium in Appleton, Congressman Ribble denied Wall’s accusation. Ribble says today’s event was to help those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, their employers and those who treat them.


Ribble: We wanted to make sure that they had the resources available and the training available to really offset this problem.

Reporter: Wall says veterans lack the support they need due to financial waste in government, waste he says he will stop.


Wall: I believe the funding for veterans should be the first priority in our budget.

Reporter: The priority Ribble says should be job creation which provides a long term solution for veterans.


Ribble: Getting this economic environment stable so that jobs are there, high paying jobs are there.

Reporter: Jennifer Ann Wilson, Action 2 News.