ICYMI: Eric Hovde "on Board of Firm that Boasted of Outsourcing Program"

Aug 07, 2012

Yesterday’s Huffington Post story reads: “A tech company with ties to Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Eric Hovde has not only benefited from federal stimulus money, but it has also boasted of a strong offshoring and outsourcing program.”


“Hovde currently sits on the board of the Virginia-based firm ePlus, a position he has occupied since November 2006. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he received $133,200 in compensation as a director of the company, which offers computer services and products such as data centers to its clients.”

“Hovde also owns part of the company. He has boasted that he is the “second-largest shareholder,” while his campaign has said Hovde “beneficially owns less than 15 percent, both directly and indirectly.” According to his June 29 personal financial disclosure, Hovde owns between $5 million and $25 million in ePlus stock.”