ICYMI: “Struggling” Sean Duffy Spends Big Taxpayer Dollars On Automobiles – For Himself

Jul 16, 2012

Think Progress is reporting that seven Tea Party congressmen, including “Struggling” Sean Duffy, have collectively spent more than $106,000 in taxpayer funds on personal-use automobiles.

Duffy, who famously complained that he “struggled” on his $174,000 Congressional salary [1], and who voted 27 times to repeal the successful Affordable Care Act and protect his own taxpayer-funded healthcare [2], has spent $24,525 in taxpayer money on personal-use vehicles. [3]

“Sean Duffy came to Washington, D.C. promising to get serious about deficit reduction and bring his ax to wasteful government spending,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “But what he’s done instead is complain about his six-figure government salary, vote to end Medicare as we know it, and run up personal expenses on the taxpayer’s dime. North and Central Wisconsin families deserve better than a representative who spends more than half of what they make in a year on his own cars.”

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