ICYMI: New Report Ties Stimulus Payments to Hovde, Thompson and Neumann — All Who Claim to Be Against Them

Jul 23, 2012

The new Republican mantra of “One set of rules for you, another set for me” has again come up in a new media report that ties government stimulus payments to U.S. Senate candidates.

In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report, it states that a “tech company in which wealthy Madison businessman Eric Hovde owns a significant stake received more than $2 million through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.”

But, he’s not alone. The report goes on to say “Also, Logistics Health Inc., of La Crosse, a company that (Tommy) Thompson helped lead for more than five years, received three grants from the stimulus program totaling $516,548, according to federal records.”

And even Mark Neumann got in while the getting was good, shows the report: “Neumann owns solar energy companies that received nearly $660,000 in stimulus money.”

Thompson, Hovde and Neumann have taken strong opposition stances to stimulus money and have leaned heavily on their opposition as a campaign tactic.

“All of these candidates have come out strongly against government stimulus programs, but this new evidence is just more proof of the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ mentally of the Republicans,” Democratic Party of Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Now, we learned they benefited from the same programs they’re bashing. Thankfully, the voters of Wisconsin won’t be fooled and will see through this charade and side-mouth talking come November.”

Read the report here.