Vinehout, La Follette Enriched Dialogue, Helped Build Foundation for Victory

May 07, 2012

Following Tom Barrett’s primary victory Tuesday is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the candidates for the Democratic nomination who are unifying for victory June 5th.

“To beat Scott Walker, Tom Barrett will be forging forward with Kathleen Falk on a path also blazed by Kathleen Vinehout and Doug LaFollette.

“All have built the foundation for victory June 5th by highlighting the bitter consequences of Scott Walker’s failed policies and the price Wisconsin has paid for his mad pursuit of power.

“Kathleen Vinehout brought a perspective from the western part of the state that is so crucial to our success June 5th and beyond. She brought solutions and commonsense that was in stark relief to the radical policies of Scott Walker that have led to job loss, criminal corruption and poorer outcomes for the working families of Wisconsin. We are grateful as our Party to have her continued leadership in the Senate as a strong voice for our shared value.

“Doug La Follette brought a classic commitment to those institutions and values that have made Wisconsin great, from our university system to our clean streams, rivers and forests.

“Despite great efforts by the Walker forces to sow disunity, all of our candidates have run honorable races all informed by respect for each other, for the citizens of Wisconsin, and for the belief that it will be through unity that we beat back the mountains of corporate cash that have put our great state in such peril.”