PAY-TO-PLAY: Waste Spread on Unwitting Citizens Thanks to Scott Walker Donor

May 06, 2012

The vast fundraising effort to preserve Scott Walker’s agenda has created a “Pay-to-Play” controversy in Waukesha County, where a high-level donor was given special treatment by one of Walker’s top political appointees.

According to news reports, former GOP hack Scott Gunderson ignored standard procedure at Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, overrode the decisions of department analysts and lawyers, and gave a Scott Walker campaign contributor light treatment after having been found to have spread human waste in Waukesha County fields at a rate three times what was considered safe by regulators.

In the past, the business owner, Richard Herr, and his wife have made considerable campaign donations to Gunderson, Scott Walker and Joel Kleefisch and more than $2,000 to Rebecca Kleefisch alone.

“Scott Walker’s desire to hold on to power is disgusting given the way he has put our state up for sale. This “Pay-to-Play” controversy shows how he has turned Wisconsin into a state that is up for sale, with no regard for the safety of the citizens of our state,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

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