ICYMI: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Wades into Scott Walker's Growing John Doe Corruption Scandal

Apr 30, 2012

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was set to wade into the growing John Doe criminal corruption scandal today when he rallied for Scott Walker at the business of a supporter who allegedly was robbed by Walker’s longtime top political aide, who would go on to steal from veterans.

What’s more, the fundraising for the Christie trip was announced by a Walker staffer named in the John Doe criminal complaints that have charged six Walker top aides and supporters with 15 felonies, with two convictions already.

Read more about the Christie-Walker-John Doe connections here and here.

“Criminally-corrupt fundraising is at the heart of the John Doe probe into Scott Walker’s longtime aides so it is all too fitting that Scott Walker should give Chris Christie a tour of his scandal-plagued world at a fundraising event today,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Given Scott Walker’s shady campaign fundraising track record, which includes the biggest campaign finance violation in Wisconsin’s history, it begs the question: will today’s fundraiser with Chris Christie end up classified as a crime scene?”