Secret Service Probe: WisDems Call on Tommy Thompson to Renounce Ted Nugent Endorsement

Apr 18, 2012

As Ted Nugent was scheduled to meet with the Secret Service today in the wake of violent remarks made about President Obama, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is calling on Washington lobbyist Tommy Thompson to renounce his endorsement by the “Motor City Madman.”

Despite Nugent’s history of NSFW misogynist comments about Hillary Clinton and the violent comments about the president, Thompson last month touted the Nugent endorsement.

At an NRA convention this weekend, Nugent said that if President Obama is re-elected, Nugent would “either be dead or in jail.”
Earlier this year, Tommy Thompson himself suggested violence against opponents of Scott Walker, when he said of the recall movement, “when this is over, they are going to be black and blue. Black and blue!”

“Tommy Thompson knows better than embracing violent language and people who suggest violence against elected officials. That is why we call on him today to renounce his endorsement by Ted Nugent, whose disturbing vitriol is out-of-bounds, regardless of political party,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “Violence and violent talk threatens democracy and has no place in Wisconsin’s ongoing discourse about the issues of the day. Tommy Thompson has a chance right now to demonstrate how he honors this principle by renouncing Ted Nugent’s endorsement.”