ICYMI: Scott Walker Claims His War on Women is Part of His Approach to Job Creation

Apr 10, 2012

Acknowledges That His Anti-Woman, Anti-Family Legislation Harms Our Future

MADISON – Following an onslaught of criticism from everyone from the Wisconsin Medical Society to the President of the United States, Scott Walker is now claiming that his War on Women is part of his approach on job creation.

In an interview with Channel3000.com, Scott Walker states that his anti-woman, anti-family legislation that ends pay equity protections and interferes in the doctor-patient relationship is actually part of his approach on job creation, and that any criticism is just the “same old out-of-state special interest talking points.” 

Walker goes on to state that when does public signings, he focuses “on bills that I think will make a better future for our state.” Walker notably signed his bizarre anti-woman bills in secret, releasing news of their signing the following day, on the eve of Easter Weekend.

“Now we know why Wisconsin is leading the nation in job loss under Scott Walker – because Scott Walker thinks that eliminating pay equity protections for women and veterans and mandating that doctors treat patients based on rigid political ideology instead of medically-accepted best practices somehow creates jobs,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Its bad enough that Scott Walker doesn’t have the courage of conviction to sign his radical anti-family legislation in public, its even worse that he claims these bills are about creating jobs for working Wisconsin families.” 

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