ICYMI: Scott Walker Channels Richard Nixon in Self-Serving Jobs Claims

Apr 18, 2012

Richard Nixon led the public to believe that only his reelection would end the war in Vietnam. Now, channeling that spirit of self-serving dishonesty, Scott Walker yesterday told the political news website that his terrible record of job creation will only end if he is reelected.

Scott Walker came into office without a credible jobs plan and his lack of focus was borne out by Wisconsin leading the nation in job loss in 2011.

According to WisPolitics, Walker stated that “the biggest single factor that people are concerned about are the recalls.”

“A lot of employers will wait until things are completed after June 5 before they take that risk to put people to work,” he said.

Among Walker’s many jobs failures he:

-Cut funding for vocational and educational training

-Cut funding for the University of Wisconsin System, including job-creating investments in new technologies

-Stalled unemployment insurance payouts

-Put severe new restrictions on wind and solar energy

-Killed massive infrastructure investments that instead went to states like Illinois

-Ended seven decades of labor peace

“A top Nixon official recently said Scott Walker was “more Nixonian than Nixon,” and now, with his self-serving comments about his job-loss economy, we get further proof,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “The fact is that Scott Walker’s inattention to jobs was evident the moment he took office and Wisconsin will not have a chance to join the national recovery until Scott Walker is out of office.”

Read the WisPolitics report here.