Hush Money: Is Scott Walker Providing Aid to WisGOP Cronies Charged With Crimes?

Apr 23, 2012

MADISON — New questions were raised after a report Monday in WisPolitics.com about a “third party” payee in the criminal defense of top Wisconsin Republican officer and longtime Scott Walker crony Tim Russell.

Recently unsealed court documents show that a third party is paying bills for Russell, who was hired or promoted eight times by Walker following his firing by another government agency for improper use of taxpayer dollars.

The unprecedented criminal corruption investigation against Walker has already netted two convictions with six aides charged with 15 felonies, making Walker’s the most corrupt administration in Wisconsin history.

And, facing recall, Walker’s campaign is attacking the judicial independence of the John Doe proceeding as well as stonewalling about several elements of the case, including just what Republican caucus scandal veteran Kelly Rindfleisch was hired to do by Walker.

“Wisconsin deserves to know the answers to some very basic questions that are well within Scott Walker’s power to answer. Last night’s revelations beg an answer to the question — are Scott Walker or his friends helping to bankroll the defense of his top aides who are charged with stealing from veterans, stealing from taxpayers, trying to entice boys and violating the laws of the state of Wisconsin?,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “And if Scott Walker IS causing money to reach his longtime cronies, why is this not a corrupt attempt to purchase their silence?”