Fake Democrats Certified: Another Scott Walker Ethical Low

Apr 16, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following the Government Accountability Board certification of Scott Walker’s fake Democratic candidates on recall ballots.

“Scott Walker has set all sorts of dubious marks. He has led the nation in job loss. He is the first sitting governor with a criminal defense fund. He has closed our Capitol. He has rolled back access to the ballot. He has taken away rights of workers. He has eliminated wage protections for women. He has become the first governor so close to a criminal corruption probe.

“Today is yet one more ethical low for Scott Walker, with the certification of candidates whose only purpose is to give him advantage in elections called for under the rules of the Wisconsin Constitution.

“Scott Walker has no regard for ethics, just as it is becoming clearer that he has no regard for the law. Today represents another stain on Wisconsin’s history and traditions of fair play. Wisconsin is a ship without a moral rudder. And that is why Scott Walker, on June 5th, with his recall by the people of Wisconsin, will introduce another first to our state.”